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Date: 01 Jun 2020 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Hino South Africa
Source: Hino South Africa
Hino Motors, a leading Japanese truck manufacturer, has signed a strategic business alliance with BYD Commercial Vehicles, of China, to collaborate in developing battery electric vehicles (BEV). The objective is to find best-fit solutions for the customers of both companies while promoting low-carbon societies.

BYD Commercial Vehicles is the global leader in terms of sales of commercial BEVs, having sold over 50 000 pure electric trucks and buses in more than 50 countries since the launch of the BYD K9 electric bus in Shenzhen in 2011. BYD buses now operate in more than 300 cities in the world.

Hino, which was founded in 1942, released the world’s first commercially available diesel/electric hybrid vehicle as a heavy-duty urban transit bus in 1991. It has continued to develop electrified vehicles over the past 30 years, putting light-duty electric buses and medium-duty plug-in hybrid buses into production. Hino’s heavy-duty (700 Series) truck fitted with Hino’s sixth generation hybrid system now offers the convenience of a conventional diesel truck while fuel economy is improved by about 15% and exhaust emissions reduced.

BYD was established in 1995 as a battery research and development company which later became a manufacturing company. It has produced numerous new energy solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles, forklifts and other battery-powered products.

Taketo Nakane, a Hino Director and Senior Managing Officer, said: “By bringing together BYD’s achievements in BEV development and Hino’s electrification technology and reliability built over years of experience in developing hybrid vehicles we will develop the best-fit BEV products with swift introduction to markets.”

Wang Jie, BYD Vice President and CEO of the commercial vehicle division, added: “BYD Commercial Vehicles and Hino Motors are committed to technology innovation and the global promotion of commercial vehicle electrification. This alliance will accelerate the worldwide adoption of pure electric commercial vehicles.”